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Will do first claims ^.^

Handle: Chikuma
Characters Name: Hakuei
Band Name: Penicillin, Machine, Solo
Yahoo SN:
AIM SN: Vanishinglie
Character Journal: modeledlover
Lord living under: Aida
Job/position in village(you may choose more than one): Geisha (yes I know only women were geisha...but it's an rp)
History (sample post):
Hakuei trotted through the rain trying to get home. His father was sick and he had to run their shop. For now, it wouldn't matter that he would be punished for not being in his mama-sama's house.
"Father...I'm here..." He said out of breath. His father looked at him with some disgust as the male got ready for the day.
" shouldn't be here."
"I'm here to help fath-"
"You shouldn't be here! Get out!"
"But're sick."
"Get are not wanted or needed here..." His father said as Hakuei's mother walked into the room. She gave him one glance and walked away. "I have no go."
' a shroud of darkness is all I have left...

Characters Name: Imai Hisashi
Band Name: Buck-Tick, Lucy
Yahoo SN:
AIM SN: Kiminoakuma
Character Journal: ki_bitch_ki
Lord living under: Higuchi
Job/position in village(you may choose more than one): Samurai
History (sample post): "I'm pretty good at it..." Alright so I know no one will believe me until I do this. This has got to be a joke. I wouldn't be so high in the ranks if I couldn't do what I say I can. Fine, if everyone wants me to prove it... "Give me a tanto." Alright, now lets choose the furthest place from me. Close my eyes. Take a deep breath. Throw. And there's silence. "I told you I could throw the damn thing with my eyes closed. No one will get to our lord without going through me first."
Comments: (any tidbits you want people to know)

Characters Name: Higuchi Yutaka
Band Name: Buck-Tick, Wild Wise Apes
Yahoo SN:
AIM SN: Kiminoakuma
Character Journal: moonshinelark
Lord living under: Higuchi
Job/position in village(you may choose more than one): Kabuki, Samurai
History (sample post): Every night it's the same thing. I patrol the house, I go to my post until I'm relieved, then I sleep. The next day, I do it all over again. However, There's one thing I do that isn't normal. Or at least not in my family's standing. They would rather me watch my brother and learn how to do these things. But this is something I want to do. It took me months of hiding when I should have been practicing my archery, to finally do this. But tonigh, I get to dawn the furisode, be a goddess, and walk out on stage. No one will know it's me...until I speak... I will take it as it comes.
Comments: gensou no hana
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