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Welcome to the war torn valley of the Gunma prefecture. So many lives were lost here, in the middle of five warring Lords. But in the wake of devastation is always the rebuilding from the ashes. For now there is peace. No one knows how long it will be, but there is peace. Families work hard for their small villages and towns. Under the protection of their own band of samurai. Small children still run about while their mothers and other family work in the gardens. Sons learning the ways of their fathers, as many of the elders look at the rivers and mountains and remember times that used to be. There are so many people that live here. Young, old, trying to keep alive as they pray that there will never be another war.

Your Mod:


Okay the rules are like guidelines, but they will be enforced as much as possible. Should someone say that someone has done one of these, or it is obvious that a rule was broken, you will be warned. Should there be a second offense, the moderators will decide what will be the appropriate action taken for it.

一. Be nice and respectful to the players and mods.

二. Yes this community is yaoi/hentai/yuri friendly. If you chose to post rp's in the community, please put a rating on your logs. And Please put in a cut.

三. You have to have a journal for your j-rock or original character that is specifically for this community. Also, try to update at least once every month. I will be doing checks monthly. Should you not be able to do this, write a post stating why.

If you have not posted for longer than a month without prior notice, you will lose your character. If you want it back you will be giving a two week probationary period. If it happens again, you will lose your character and not be allowed to use that one again.

四. You’re not expected to know everything However, you should have some kind of basic knowledge of your character. Have fun with your character. How do you think they'd be in this kind of a situation.

五. It is alright to have multiple characters, just as long as you can handle the load. I will hold characters for a week.

六. Let’s keep the outside drama to nil. I have no patience for it and will kick anyone that does it.

七.Once you have started your journal, place everyone on your friend list so you will know what is going on within the community.

八. Should a character drop or has been dropped for inactivity, and you wanted the job that they had(this goes for shōgun especially). Let the mod know and they will change it for you.

九.Most of all…Have Fun!

If there are any questions feel free to IM me or e-mail me. I will be happy to answer.

Should you agree with these rules/guidelines, then all you have to do is join and fill out the application and put gensou no hana in the comments. Please post the application information in the community and in your character's journal. Be sure the read the information that is beyond the 'more info' link before continuing.

More info

Families and Villages associated with them :
Higuchi : Takayama, Azuma
Toronaga : Nanmoku, Kanra
Tashibu : Chiyoda, Meiwa
Aida : Tamamura, Shimonita
Kagami :Kawaba, Minakami

those with numbers on a first come first serve basis
Lords:Higuchi (TAKEN), Toronaga, Tashibu, Aida, Kagami
Samurai: 10 (under each lord)
Geisha (high class/low class): 5 (under each lord)
Kabuki: 5 (under each lord)
Common Whores (There is a difference between a whore and a geisha):3 (under each lord)
Monk: 6 (under each lord)
if there is anything I forgot or you would like to be go ahead and write it in on your application

Application Form:

Characters Name:
Band Name:
Yahoo SN:
Character Journal:
Lord living under:
Job/position in village(you may choose more than one):
History (sample post): (Under lj cut please)
Comments: (any tidbits you want people to know)

Claimed Characters

Higuchi Yutaka - Samurai/Kabuki
Imai Hisashi - Samurai



Hakuei - Geisha


Reserved Characters