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Reclaiming~ so that means I am back XD!~

Handle: Amaya or Kiri
Characters Name: Karou Niikura
Band Name: Dir en grey: guitarist
Yahoo SN:
AIM SN: MachiavellismDIE
Character Journal: zombie_hero_ 
Lord living under: he is the lord Kagami...Lord Kaoru Niikura now~ XD
Job/position in village(you may choose more than one): To rule fairly and to be kind to everyone. Also to bring justice to those who take his kindness for granted. also was training to be a samurai...
History (sample post):
   An illness had taken over the previous lord. As Kaoru stood there with a candle in his hands....
The sounds of cries could be heard through out the service as they watched there leader drifted down the river and towards the ocean.
This was not a normal burial but this was what his 'step-father' would have wanted. His mother stood beside him with her traditional robes on. As there former leader drifted down more....his mother began to speak.
"Yes, mother"
"You will have to take over now..."
Kaoru stared at her with disbelif for he couldn't believe what she was saying. It couldn't be true he felt he was to young for this.
"I know what your thinking but he took us in...even married me....although you were not his child...he treated you as if he was your father...so son...."
Kaoru cut her off. "yes mother...I will take over and I will not let him down. I shall follow in his foot steps and continued to watch over everyone in this land." He put his doubts to the side...even though there was alot of those doubts...
I will carry on...in his image... were his last thoughts before he put his childhood behind him...for he was a man now.
Comments: (any tidbits you want people to know)

Characters Name: Kyo....(he hates his last name)
Band Name: Dir en grey: Vocalist
Yahoo SN:
AIM SN: UndomesticXOni
Character Journal: obscure_prophet 
Lord living under: Again~ He is the Lord XD: Lord Kyo Tashibu
Job/position in village(you may choose more than one): He rules his village with an iron fist./ Ninja
History (sample post):
     "Father....I am reliving you of your duties as Lord..."
"...Do you think just because you beaten me makes you the new lord.?!? You know nothing of ruling!" Kyo's father laid on the ground, his sword was at his side but Kyo had him trapped since his sword was pointing at his neck. His eyes dared him to move...for what his father taught him is....survival of the fittest. 
"I didn't ask you if I knew anything....I said..."He was silence by his father now loud voice which was yelling at him. The guards that were present seen the whole event and now would obey Kyo now. 
His eyes started to burn within his fathers but a grin appeared on his face when he was yelling back at his father, Kyo had the a material from his robe within his other hand as he was face to face with the previous lord.  After pushing him back to the ground Kyo turned around then declared. "I am your lord....and if you think once of crossing me....then you will feel my blade pierce your worthless heart.....take him away." 
The guards carried his father off....that would be the last time he would see him again. 
This didn't bother him for his father was not even a father in his eyes....just a power driving man....which unknown to Kyo.   He was the same way.

Comments: (any tidbits you want people to know)

Characters Name: Tetsuya Ogawa (tetsu)
Band Name: L'arc-en-ciel, Creature Creature and solo: tetsu
Yahoo SN:
AIM SN:Lecieltetsu69
Character Journal: cradle_trust_ 
Lord living under: Kagami/Niikura
Job/position in village(you may choose more than one): Geisha/Samurai
History (sample post):
 "MOTHER! I do not want to do this!" He said in a loud voice.
Tetsuya Ogawa....his noble family whom own a Geisha house which housed nothing but the high-classed Geisha's in the area.  At this time was being forced into a Kimono.
"Ai-ya! be quiet Tetsu...oops.... stop figetting" she started to fix his clothing as the other did his hair.
"......" He became silent....this was not what he wanted to become...
"Tetsuko! is your name....until your sister gets well you will have to take her place!" she said in a stern voice. As for his father...currently was drinking sake as he thought about days of war. So his father was no help...just stayed drunk.
"And what happens if we get caught? eh? we will loose a fame by this." He felt like he was being picked on and then plucked. 
His hair was straighted, his eyes had color and so did his cheeks but his skin look somewhat pale. His kimono was viberant but traditional. All his mother could do was smile. "You look beautiful....no off you go! We have went over this and you better get it right or else!" She held up her fan....which she used to discipline her children with which caused Tetsu to cringe. "Yes, mother."  "SPEAK IN YOUR GIRL VOICE!" she threated as she threw a rock at his head. 
"Sorry mother." He said in his flasetto voice as he found himself being shoved out the house but he then he had to walk softly and decliatly to the place he was surpose to entertain tonight.  They had been doing this for about 3 months now since his sister had been stricken with illness. Which the doctors would visit everyday....but Aichiko was getting better said the doctors...but truely....
she wasn't.  

Comments: (any tidbits you want people to know)

(my tetsu plays an geisha...but truly wants to be a samurai...so his father teaches him the way of the samurai when he is not drunk but mostly he is a geisha)
(Kaoru has a temper but he tries to keep it to himself.)
(Kyo....is trouble...end. Good luck to those who think they can get close to this bastard)

Wheee that took alot of me~ I really thought hard on all of this....so comment XDDDD I like to know what you think!
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